Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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The pain you currently feel... 

the discomfort... 

the discontent... 

is the tip of a thread that leads all the way to your life's purpose.

You could imagine it as a throbbing nerve ending that's trying to send you a message.

Your pain has a message for you.  It's trying to help you get back on your life's true path, so you can start living your dream.

That's the value of pain.

"Look at me.  Deal with me," says your pain.  "I won't let you ignore me.  You're too important.  You're too valuable."

Sometimes, we tend to put off changing until our pain gets to be too much.  If the whispers won't do it; if we don't respond to the whispers, then pain begins to shout.

"I won't let you ignore me."

Pain motivates like nothing else.  Remember, pain comes from being separate from something you long for.    

For example, if you aren't living your dream, that in and of itself will cause pain.

When you deal with the pain that's in your life right now, you move closer to your dream. You also move closer to a higher part of you.

A part of you who is waiting for you to invite it into your life.

There's an invisible part of you who loves you so very much and knows exactly what it's going to take to end your current difficulty. It wants to help.  It knows what to do.  It has the means and the will to heal and change you.  All you have to do is allow.

Just allowing it closer to you can create a shift inside that helps lead you to your life's dream.

You can look back from the other side of your current problem, and laugh at how it used to hold you back.

It's like going to a movie set.  When you look at the front side, everything seems so real and impressive.  But when you walk around to the other side, you can see it's all smoke and mirrors. Everything is just propped up.  It's not real.

And once you get to the other side of your current problem, you'll be that much closer to living your true dream; your life's purpose.  

You didn't come here to suffer and struggle, no matter what you may secretly believe to the contrary.  You didn't.

No, you came here to be an inspiration to others.  I know how easy it is to get off your path.  I also know how easy it can be to get back on it. You can be that inspiration your heart wants you to be.  You can inspire others.   You can get back on track.  Like a freight train.  Powerful. Unstoppable.

You can be more than you've ever been before.  I know you can.  And you can do it with less effort than you might imagine.

Times are changing.  There's more power in the air.  There's more energy available to you.  There's more love.  It has never been so easy to change as it is right now.   There's something going on that's bigger than you and me.  Can you feel it?

Life is getting more real.

What you think and feel matters more than it used to.  Fears can become more imprisoning.  Pains can become more crippling.  But love can lift you higher.  Joy can heal you, even easier than it could before. And most importantly, you can receive the help from a higher part of you easier than you ever could before.

You've been meaning to change; to deal with that problem.   You just haven't quite got around to handling it yet.  Or what you've tried up till now hasn't quite worked.  Not like it should, anyway.

But you're ready to change things.  You ARE.   You know you can. You know you should.  You know you better.  You deserve so much more. And you're ready.

If this describes you, then I've got some really good news.

That void - that empty feeling inside - can be filled.  A lot quicker and easier than you might imagine.

There's nothing in the world like knowing you are whole and complete. You are enough.  You are loved.  You are valuable.  There's nothing in the world like knowing you can have your heart's desire.

Are you ready to take your life to the next step?  Now is the time to get started.

I know how hard it can be to reach out for help.

I also know how wonderful it feels to be on the other side of that problem.  Just be daring enough to take the first step.

Isn't it time to respond to the challenge life is giving you?

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  1. Great post! I recommend reading Live Beyond Your Dreams by Riana Milne, she is an author and life coach among other things. And her book is outstanding as she touches a lot of emotional healing, and how it affects us in our daily journey. is her site, it helped me a great deal. It is one of the ways I "responded to the challenge" life was giving me! Good luck to all in your journey!